August New Teen Books!

Here’s what’s new in Teen Scene this month! Click the title for more information. Did you know you can read reviews of most books directly from our online catalog? You can also read a plot summary and put the book on hold. Of course, you can also stop by and look at the books for yourself!

A Certain October by Angela JohnsonBatman: Dark Knight Returns by Frank MillerNevermore by James PattersonThe Boy Recession by Flynn MeaneyLenobia's Vow by P.C. CastDaybreak by Brian Ralph

Title Author
The Raft Bodeen, S. A.
Don’t Turn Around Gagnon, Michelle
The Magician’s Apprentice Banks, Kate
Girl of Nightmares Blake, Kendare
Dragon’s Oath Cast, P. C.
Hidden Cast, P. C.
Lenobia’s Vow Cast, P. C.
Return to Eden Ching, G. P.
The Soulkeepers Ching, G. P.
Weaving Destiny Ching, G. P.
Enshadowed Creagh, Kelly
Rift Cremer, Andrea
Bargains and Betrayals Delany, Shannon
Guardian of the Dead Healey, Karen
Wake Hocking, Amanda
Entice Jones, Carrie
Rapture Kate, Lauren
The Rise of Nine Lore, Pittacus
The Lost City of Faar Machale, D. J.
The Quillan Games Machale, D. J.
The Reality Bug Machale, D. J.
The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind Medina, Meg
Suck It Up Meehl, Brian
Suck It Up and Die Meehl, Brian
Fated Noel, Alyson
Forsaken Sniegoski, Thomas E.
The Afterlife Soto, Gary
The Far West Wrede, Patricia C.
Zahra’s Paradise Amir
Fullmetal Alchemist 2 Arakawa, Hiromu
Fullmetal Alchemist 4 Arakawa, Hiromu
Fullmetal Alchemist 5 Arakawa, Hiromu
The Road To Civil War Bendis, Brian Michael
Scarlet Bendis, Brian Michael (CRT)
Scarlett Dedd Brett, Cathy
Iron Man: Stark Disassembled Ellis, Warren
Calamity Jack Hale, Shannon
Bleach 44 Kubo, Tite
Bleach 45 Kubo, Tite
Infinite Kung Fu Mcleod, Kagan
Twilight the Graphic Novel 1 Meyer, Stephenie
Twilight the Graphic Novel 2 Meyer, Stephenie
Marvel Civil War Millar, Mark
Batman: Dark Knight Returns Miller, Frank
Batman: The Killing Joke Moore, Alan
Axe Cop 3 Nicolle, Malachai
Soul Eater 10 Ohkubo, Atsushi (CRT)
Daybreak Ralph, Brian
Batwoman: Elegy Rucka, Greg
Captain America Corps Stern, Roger
Civil War: Amazing Spider-Man Straczynski, J. Michael
Wonder Woman 1: Odyssey Straczynski, J. Michael
Dragon Ball Z 1 Toriyama, Akira
Dragon Ball Z 2 Toriyama, Akira
Dragon Ball Z 4 Toriyama, Akira
Dragon Ball Z 5 Toriyama, Akira
Dragon Ball Z 6 Toriyama, Akira
Violins of Autumn Mcauley, Amy
Dreamsleeves Paratore, Coleen
Fifth of March Rinaldi, Ann
Milkweed Spinelli, Jerry
Blood Ninja III Lake, Nick
Blood Fever Wolff, Veronica
Dead Time Cassidy, Anne
Social Suicide Halliday, Gemma
Get Out of Your Mind & into Your Life   for Teens Ciarrochi, Joseph V., Ph.D.
What’s the Big Deal? Jones, Stan
Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes Shape Mckellar, Danica
Sexpectations Murray, Craig
Just Write: Here’s How Myers, Walter Dean
First Comes Love Kacvinsky, Katie
Every Day Levithan, David
Over You McLaughlin, Emma
The Boy Recession Meaney, Flynn
Gone, Gone, Gone Moskowitz, Hannah
BZRK Grant, Michael
No Way Out Kern, Peggy
Never More Patterson, James
Heaven Adornetto, Alexandra
Growing Up Muslim Ali-karamali, Sumbul
The Poison Apples Archer, Lily
Wanted Ayarbe, Heidi
The Demon Catchers of Milan Beyer, Kat
Women at War Bingham, Jane
All the Wrong Moves Carter, Nikki
Doing My Own Thing Carter, Nikki
Not a Good Look Carter, Nikki
Pieces of Us Gelbwasser, Margie
A World Away Grossman, Nancy
King Solomon’s Mines Haggard, H. Rider
Intentions Heiligman, Deborah
A Certain October Johnson, Angela
Insignia Kincaid, S. J.
Search for Safety Langan, John
Shattered Langan, Paul
The Fallen Langan, Paul
Throne of Glass Maas, Sarah J.
Second Chance Summer Matson, Morgan
A Star Is Born Myers, Walter Dean
Such Wicked Intent Oppel, Kenneth
Zoe Letting Go Price, Nora
Amelia Anne Is Dead and Gone Rosenfield, Kat
Unwholly Shusterman, Neal
The Swiss Family Robinson Wyss, Johann David
Level Up Yang, Gene Luen

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  1. Yaaaaay new books!!! *kermit arms*

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