Rave: Candor

Candor by Pam Bachorz

In Candor by Pam Bachorz, Oscar is the mayor’s son in a so-called perfect town. So Oscar is often the poster child, the role model. Everyone wants to be Oscar. There’s something the citizens don’t know about Oscar. He actually isn’t perfect.

In this perfect town of Candor, messages are played in the citizens’ minds to keep them from being anything but flawless. None of the citizens know about the sudden urge to eat only carrots, or to get the best grades, but Oscar does and Oscar has been secretly helping people escape for months. When Nia comes to town with her rebel ways, Oscar is willing to do anything, even risk his perfect reputation, to keep her from changing due to the messages. After Nia shows no sign of changing, she is sent to be brainwashed and wants nothing to do with Oscar. Oscar is faced with a choice: should he try to change her back and get her out of Candor or just accept the fact that nothing is going to go as planned?

This compelling story will have readers staying up to read it. With lots of twists, turns, and a jaw-dropping ending, Candor will have readers talking for days.

Reviewed by: TSI member Celeste, New Albany High School

Recommended for: fans of Matched and other dystopian romances

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