November New Books

Let’s give thanks for these new books.

Game for Swallows by Zeina AbirachedStruck by Lightning by Chris ColferTen by Gretchen McNeilSpeechess by Hannah HarringtonMy Life, The Theatre, and Other Tragedies by Allen ZadoffNecromancing the Stone by Lish McBride

The Twilight Saga: the Complete Film Archive Abele, Robert
A Game for Swallows Abirached, Zeina
Civil War: Peter Parker, Spider-Man Aguirre-Sacasa, Roberto
Crossing the Line Alegria, Malin
Quince Clash Alegria, Malin
Dark of the Moon Barrett, Tracy
Strutting It! Beker, Jeanne
Miss Fortune Cookie Bjorkman, Lauren
101 Changemakers Bollinger, Michele (EDT)
Bitter Blood Caine, Rachel
Struck by Lightning Colfer, Chris
Reached Condie, Allyson Braithwaite
How to Deal Dessen, Sarah
Junk Box Jewelry Drew, Sarah
Lonely Planet Not-for-Parents Extreme Planet Dubois, Michael
Lonely Planet Not-for-Parents   U.S.A. Evans, Lynette
Truancy City Fukui, Isamu
The Lucky Ones Godbersen, Anna
Civil War: Wolverine Guggenheim, Marc
Speechless Harrington, Hannah
Bad Hair Day Harris, Carrie
Cadillac Chronicles Hartman, Brett
Lullaby Hocking, Amanda
Rootless Howard, Chris
The Color of Earth Hwa, Kim Dong
The Color of Water Hwa, Kim Dong
The Color of Heaven Hwa, Kim Dong
Elemental John, Antony
Middle Ground Kacvinsky, Katie
Blue Exorcist 1 Kato, Kazue
Blue Exorcist 2 Kato, Kazue
Blue Exorcist 3 Kato, Kazue
Blue Exorcist 4 Kato, Kazue
Blue Exorcist 5 Kato, Kazue
Blue Exorcist 6 Kato, Kazue
Blue Exorcist 7 Kato, Kazue
Blue Exorcist 8 Kato, Kazue
Out of Sight, Out of Mind Kaye, Marilyn
Better Late Than Never Kaye, Marilyn
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Kaye, Marilyn
Finders Keepers Kaye, Marilyn
Now You See Me Kaye, Marilyn
Speed of Light Kizer, Amber
Meridian Kizer, Amber
If We Survive Klavan, Andrew
Flash Point Kress, Nancy
Stormdancer Kristoff, Jay
Blood Ninja Lake, Nick
Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller Lambert, Joseph
The Future We Left Behind Lancaster, Mike A.
A Wrinkle in Time Graphic Novel L’Engle, Madeleine
Lonely Planet Not for   Parents How to Be a World Explorer Levy, Joe
Free-Fire Zone Lynch, Chris
Necromancing the Stone Mcbride, Lish
Understanding Comics McCloud, Scott
Ten McNeil, Gretchen
Will Puberty Last My Whole Life? Metzger, Julie
Colin Fischer Miller, Ashley Edward
Meant To Be Morrill, Lauren
The Giant and How He Humbugged America Murphy, Jim
Civil War: Thunderbolts Nicieza, Fabian
Echo Noel, Alyson
Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life 1 O’Malley, Bryan Lee
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World 2 O’Malley, Bryan Lee
Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness 3 O’Malley, Bryan Lee
Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together 4 O’Malley, Bryan Lee
Scott Pilgrim Vs the Universe 5 O’Malley, Bryan Lee
Scott Pilgrim In His Finest Hour O’Malley, Bryan Lee
Dare to Dream One Direction
Witch World Pike, Christopher
The Turning Prose, Francine
Scrivener’s Moon Reeve, Philip
The Burn Journals Runyon, Brent
Bomb Sheinkin, Steve
Execution Smith, Alexander Gordon
Destiny Rising Smith, L. J.
Eruption Smith, Roland
Apollo’s Outcasts Steele, Allen
X-men: Phoenix Rising Stern, Roger
Civil War: Fantastic Four Straczynski, J. Michael
Passion Blue Strauss, Victoria
Ultimo 6 Takei, Hiroyuki
Ultimo 7 Takei, Hiroyuki
Days of Blood & Starlight Taylor, Laini
Chicks Dig Time Lords Thomas, Lynne M. (EDT)
Chicks Dig Comics Thomas, Lynne M. (EDT)
Eternally Yours Tiernan, Cate
Undeadly Vail, Michele
The Bar Code Prophecy Weyn, Suzanne
Prettiest Doll Willner-Pardo, Gina
Since You Left Me Zadoff, Allen
My Life, the Theater, and Other Tragedies Zadoff, Allen

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