Rave: My Crazy Beautiful Life

My Crazy Beautiful Life by Ke$ha

I just love Ke$ha, you guys. When I heard she was writing a book, I couldn’t wait to read it, and My Crazy Beautiful Life was definitely worth the wait. I will say that if you don’t like Ke$ha, you probably will not like her book. (Duh.) But if you do, this book is perfect. I’m just going to provide you all with some amazing quotes from this book.

Also, be advised that Ke$ha uses adult language and does ridiculous things. That probably isn’t news to anyone, but just in case. For this blog post I didn’t quote anything with any of the Big 7 swear words, but they’re definitely in this book.

  • “I’ve always felt connected to animals. And, yes, I include dinosaurs in this category. I think I wrote my first song about dinosaurs around age five. I wrote my most recent song about dinosaurs (aka greasy, scummy, old dudes) at age eighteen and it probably won’t be the last either.” (p 11)
  • “I am afraid of squid and other slimy underwater creatures. I am not afraid to take karaoke very seriously.” (p 18)
  • “I wanted everyone to walk away feeling inspired, alive, and overwhelmed by the wild energy of my show. And I wanted everyone to walk away with glitter lodged in at least one orifice of their body.” (p 37)
  • “My main influences for my stage outfits are pirates and seventies male rock stars like Keith Richards and Marc Bolan.” (p 38)
  • “I felt like a unicorn, if only for a moment.” (p62)
  • “My mom wore the penis costume that I always carry around with me during the tour and danced around like a crazy person onstage when I played ‘Grow a Pear.'” (p 68)
  • “I am speaking from experience when I say just give the haters the finger and be true to yourself. You can’t be a victim. You have to be a warrior.” (p 82)
  • “Here are a few of my favorite things that remind me of America and start with the letter b: boys, baseball, baseball players, boots, butts, blood, boobs, and, of course, beards.” (p 90)
  • “I give Max [her guitar player] free haircuts all the time. He loves it! Another time, I gave Max a free tattoo ten minutes before we had to go onstage. I’m the best boss ever.” (p 96)
  • “‘Wait a second, isn’t it destiny that I’ve been carrying around a stuffed shark all day?’ I said. Then it hit me–I’d just tie the stuffed shark onto my head to create a diversion.” (p 110–accompanied by many photos of Ke$ha with a stuffed shark tied to her face)
  • “I yelled, ‘Cauliflower!‘ as I hurled a raw piece of it as hard as I could in my dancer’s direction. But those dancers are quick.” (p 121)
  • “The Galapagos seemed like a place trapped in prehistoric time, and y’all know I love that s***.” (p 129)
  • “He told me that I had a nice pair of pipes, so the next time someone criticizes my voice, I’m just going to remember that Iggy Pop likes it, so f*** it.” (p 142)
  • “I have no idea how we ever get anything done because it seems all we do is talk about vintage T-shirts and boners.” (p 147)
  • “It was a fun night. SO fun that I decided to get a tattoo in red ink that simply read FUN.” (p 156)
  • “It’s a metaphor for my hoo-ha.” (p 157)

If you want context for those quotes you are going to have to read the book! It also has a ton of photos of Ke$ha, including photos of Ke$ha with a stuffed shark tied to her face and Ke$ha with live tortoises. Ke$ha!! What an inspiration!!

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