May New Teen Books

April Showers bring May New Books! (Don’t worry, they’re dry.)

Thousand Words by Jennifer BrownFall of Night by Rachel CaineSpirit and Dust by Rosemary Clement-MooreThe Reluctant Assassin by Eoin ColferThe Moon and More by Sarah DessenAdventure Time Vol 1 by Ryan North

Goddess Angelini, Josephine
Of Poseidon Banks, Anna
Of Triton Banks, Anna
New Avengers 7 Bendis, Brian Michael
New Avengers 8 Bendis, Brian Michael
New Avengers 9 Bendis, Brian Michael
The New Avengers 10 Bendis, Brian Michael
The New Avengers 11 Bendis, Brian Michael
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 2 Bendis, Brian Michael
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 3 Bendis, Brian Michael
Ultimate X-Men 7 Bendis, Brian Michael
Ultimate X-Men 8 Bendis, Brian Michael
Does the World Hate the U.S.? Berlatsky, Noah (EDT)
Thousand Words Brown, Jennifer
Fall of Night Caine, Rachel
Get over It Carter, Nikki
Spirit and Dust Clement-moore, Rosemary
All I Need Colasanti, Susane
The Reluctant Assassin Colfer, Eoin
Adventure Time Corsetto, Danielle
15 Days Without a Head Cousins, Dave
Invisibility Cremer, Andrea
Fifteenth Summer Dalton, Michelle
The Moon and More Dessen, Sarah
The Rules for Disappearing Elston, Ashley
Adaptation and Climate Change Espejo, Roman (EDT)
Towering Flinn, Alex
Fearless Funke, Cornelia Caroline
Kindness for Weakness Goodman, Shawn
Light Grant, Michael
Will & Whit Gulledge, Laura Lee
The Cydonian Pyramid Hautman, Pete
School Spirits Hawkins, Rachel
I’m With Stupid Herbach, Geoff
Nantucket Blue Howland, Leila
Animal Experimentation Hunnicutt, Susan (EDT)
Born at Midnight Hunter, C. C.
Chosen at Nightfall Hunter, C. C.
Whispers at Moonrise Hunter, C. C.
Ultimate X-men 12 Immonen, Stuart
New Avengers 12 Immonen, Stuart (CON)
Ultimate Spider-Man 1 Jemas, Bill
Are Conspiracy Theories Valid? Kallen, Stuart A. (EDT)
Cell Phones and Driving Kiesbye, Stefan (EDT)
Golden Kirby, Jessi
Ultimate X-Men 14 Kirkman, Robert
Yellowcake Lanagan, Margo
Sky On Fire Laybourne, Emmy
September Girls Madison, Bennett
The End Games Martin, T. Michael
Fairy Tail 6 Mashima, Hiro
The Year of Luminous Love McDaniel, Lurlene
Dare You to McGarry, Katie
Wolverine: Old Man Logan McNiven, Steve (CON)
Criminal McVoy, Terra Elan
Ultimate X-Men 15 Millar, Mark
The summer I became a nerd Miller, Leah Rae
Superman: Action Comics 1 Morrison, Grant
The Runaway King Nielsen, Jennifer A.
Mystic Noël, Alyson
Adventure Time 1 North, Ryan
Adventure Time 2 North, Ryan
The Book of Broken Hearts Ockler, Sarah
The Originals Patrick, Cat
If I Should Die Plum, Amy
The Stars Rey, H. A.
Sugar Rhodes, Jewell Parker
The Rithmatist Sanderson, Brandon
Chillax Scott, Jerry
Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong Shen, Prudence
Wonder Woman: Contagion Simone, Gail
Wonder Woman: Ends of the Earth Simone, Gail
Winger Smith, Andrew
Daredevil: Guardian Devil Smith, Kevin
Icons Stohl, Margaret
Superman: Earth One Straczynski, J. Michael
Superman: Earth One 2 Straczynski, J. Michael
The Language Inside Thompson, Holly
And Then Things Fall Apart Tibensky, Arlaina
Reboot Tintera, Amy
Black Butler XI Toboso, Yana
Coda Trevayne, Emma
Superman: Godfall Turner, Michael
Ultimate X-men Vaughan, Brian K.
Ultimate X-men Vaughan, Brian K.
Ultimate X-Men 12 Vaughan, Brian K.
Superman: Birthright Waid, Mark
Superman: Kingdom Come Waid, Mark (ILT)
Under the Light Whitcomb, Laura
Absent Williams, Katie
The 5th Wave Yancey, Rick
The Lucy Variations Zarr, Sara

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