48-Hour Book Challenge: 5 hour check-in

Whew! I started reading at 7pm and have been reading for 5 hours! Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Captain's Log

So, yes! First I finished off reading We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler, which I started reading earlier this week. It’s an adult novel & wanted to read it because I read a bunch of tweets that basically said, “Oh it’s so awesome but just read it and don’t get spoiled for it!” and then I checked to see if our library had it, and our library catalog’s 1-sentence summary of it is a huge spoiler 😡 I still really enjoyed it, but I think I will second the advice to try not to get spoiled for it if you can help it! Anyway, I read the last 84 pages of that.

Then I decided to take a walk since it was still a nice evening, so I put the first disc of the audiobook of Sarah Dessen’s What Happened to Goodbye on my phone and went out for a stroll. Then I came back inside and used the rest of the disc to do my nails, in preparation for the wedding I’m attending tomorrow.

What Happened to Nail Polish

Beautiful. Anyway, I’m enjoying the book so far! I have only read one other Sarah Dessen book actually–I don’t know why, because I like contemporary YA lit generally, and I liked the other one I read (Someone Like You). I’m excited to continue this one tomorrow on my drive to and from the wedding. I listened to 1 disc of this. Amazon says the book has 432 pages, and this has 9 discs, so we’ll call this the equivalent of 48 pages.

Then I read Invincible Iron Man Volume 5: Stark Resilient by Matt Fraction. I admit I’m a bit of a Johnny-Come-Lately to Iron Man–I hadn’t even heard of the character before the first movie came out, but I thoroughly enjoyed the movies and have been loving Matt Fraction’s Invincible Iron Man comics. Now I’m mad that volume 6 is checked out 😦 I especially love that Pepper Potts gets to be such a hero in the comics too! Go Pep! Anywho, this was 128 pages.

Finally, I made some popcorn and fired up my Kindle to read the first Pretty Little Liars book by Sara Shepherd. I have an ambivalent attitiude about all these teen Mean Girls books–I love the movie Mean Girls, obviously, and I like the wicked sense of humor some of these books bring to the genre–eg Gossip Girl. Some of them just read like Lucky magazine with notes written in the margin by horrible people–eg The Clique. For me, Pretty Little Liars was sort of in the middle. Not as biting as GG but not as inane and boring as The Clique. It ends on a total cliffhanger though; the kind of infuriating cliffhanger that isn’t even really an ending to a book. (The first Vampire Diaries book pulled that shenanigans too and now books 1 & 2 are printed in the same volume, because book 1 lacks an actual ending.) Anyway, so I finished reading it and literally said “WHAT’ aloud to my cat, who has no information regarding A’s identity. (Ugh, why do I even keep him around?) Now I kind of want to read the second dumb book so I can find out who A is, GOD. Or I could just read the Wikipedia entry… we’ll see. For now, I’ve read at least 304 pages about those lovely small mendicants. And I definitely get why these fly off the shelves at the library–teens obviously have to get the next book ASAP because I bet none of these have actual endings! I’m onto you, Sara Shepherd

Pretty Little Duarte(In the time it took me to upload this photo of my cat, I moseyed over to my library’s website to see if our digital copy of Flawless, aka PLL #2 was available… it was. I downloaded it. Am I going to have to read all of these now?! Infuriating.)

Challenge update:
Time spent reading/blogging: 5 hours
Pages read: 564
Books finished: 2 completed books and 2 book fragments
I was originally planning to read a bit more after this and go to bed but there is a very real possibility that I am going to stay up all night angrily reading Pretty Little Liars books… tune in on this very blog to find out!!

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  1. I got really into Sarah Dessen when I decided to become a librarian. I think my favorite is The Truth About Forever, but Just Listen is a close second.

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