48-Hour Book Challenge, Day 2

Just a short check-in before I leave for the wedding I’m attending!

Last night I stayed up until 1:30am blogging and reading other blogs & Flawless. This morning I slept in but spent 1 hour & 45 minutes on a combination of Flawless and disc 2 of What Happened to Goodbye while I drank coffee and beautified myself. No books finished, but I added 148 pages of Flawless and 48 more audio-pages of What Happened to Goodbye, bringing me to…

Challenge update:
Time spent reading/blogging: 8.25 hours
Pages read: 760
Books finished: 2 completed books and 3 book fragments
I’ve got about 5 hours of roundtrip driving, so by the time I get back tonight I’ll have at least 5 more hours of listening to What Happened to Goodbye to report back on! Hope everyone else is having a delightful, book-filled weekend!

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