48-Hour Book Challenge: Whoaaa, we’re over halfway there

I’m back from my cousin’s wedding! By the numbers:

Audiobook discs listened to: 3

Crappy teen novels finished: 1

# of books remaining in the Pretty Little Liars series: 12?!

Probability that I am just going to read Wikipedia to find out who A is: 99.9%

# of different ways I’ve misspelled Sara Shepard’s name: I think 3?

# of cakes eaten: 1


(technically there was still some cake left at the end of the reception, but I did not calculate the percentage remaining. so we’ll just round up to the nearest cake.)

On my way to and from the wedding, I listened to three more discs of What Happened to Goodbye. To be honest, I’m surprised there are four more left? Kinda feels like Sarah Dessen could wrap things up right about now… I suppose there must be a twist or two left. I’ll probably listen to some more of it tomorrow, though I’m not sure I’ll finish all of it within the 48-hours.


Then I got home and finished Flawless, the second Pretty Little Liars book. Like I said about the first one–I definitely get why these fly off the shelves at the library. Very fast-paced and soooo many scandals and mysteries. I think I’m done with the series, though, at least for now. I have emotional whiplash from learning too many shocking secrets about these Rosewood girls. Also I kind of hate all of them. But mostly I hate their parents. Or maybe I hate society for making them all this way? Or Sara Shepard? Uh, who don’t I hate?
Cake. I don’t hate cake. Maybe I should read a cookbook next. I just know I’m not going to read Sweet Valley Confidential next–I’ve overdosed on mean girls.
Also I just went on Wikipedia to find out who A is. NOT SORRY.
Challenge Update:
Time spent reading/blogging: 13.25 hours
Time spent being unreasonably irritated with Sara Shepard: At least 2 hours
Pages read: 1125
Books finished: 3 completed books and 2 book fragments


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6 responses to “48-Hour Book Challenge: Whoaaa, we’re over halfway there

  1. Haha, this is great – the funniest 48hbc review I’ve read so far. Thanks for the chuckles!

  2. Hee! I read What Happened to Goodbye last year for the 48HBC and kind of had a “meh” reaction. It felt like she was ticking off boxes. “Wacky friends, check. Sweet and soulful boy, check.”

    And I’ve avoided the whole mean girl genre like the plague. Had too many real mean girls in my life to want to spend any fictional time with them.

    Yay cake! Nobody should hate cake. In fact, I kinda want some cake now.

  3. I am jealous of your cake. Although I do have banana bread. But it is not cake.

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