Teen Program: More Love Letters

I got a love letter this week! I found it at the library. It was written by a stranger, especially for me! Or for whoever happened to find it.


How delightful! I loved reading this and went to check out moreloveletters.com, the website written at the bottom of my letter. It’s basically a movement for, you guessed it, More Love Letters. I read their Starter Kit and had the idea to have my teen advisory board write some letters that we could stick into teen books for readers to find. I brought down paper, markers, pencils, stickers, and copies of More Love Letters’ guidelines for letters (no personal information, be positive, but don’t be gushy, do include the MoreLoveLetters.com address, etc) and told them about the project.

My teens LOVED the idea and we had a great time writing letters and hiding them in books! Quotes: “We should do this every month, until every book in the library has a letter in it!” and “Renata, you have to tell other libraries about this idea!”

It’s a program idea that requires little in the way of planning or supplies, and one that could have a great impact on your community. It certainly brightened my day to find this letter, and my TAB and I certainly hope that the people who find our letters will feel likewise!


Then we folded them up all fancy-like…

folded letters

And slipped them into some of our favorite books and put them back on the shelf!


I’ll keep my eyes and ears open. Hopefully some of our letter recipients will post about them on MoreLoveLetters.com! But even if they don’t, I’m optimistic that this project will put a smile on some faces. If nothing else, we had fun writing them 🙂


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2 responses to “Teen Program: More Love Letters

  1. Aww that is adorable 🙂

  2. Kari is Awesome

    We should totally do that!….well er…again

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