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Rave: The Princesses of Iowa

The Princesses of Iowa by M. Molly Backes

The Princesses of Iowa was written by M. Molly Backes, who went to the same small Iowan college as I did. I don’t actually know her, but Grinnell College is small enough that we’re basically one degree of separation apart. So that’s cool, right? Librarian cool? Totally. However I think you will like this book even if you don’t have a soul bond to Iowa like I do.

The Princesses of Iowa is a story about a girl named Paige, who is nothing like what I was in high school–she’s beautiful, popular, and a homecoming princess (and if she’s lucky, will be named queen)! I didn’t necessarily want to be like Paige in high school, either–my friends and I all pretty much thought the homecoming court was dumb. That was one thing I liked so much about Princesses of Iowa, the chance to get into the head of a girl who actually wants to be on the homecoming court. But it turns out that Paige cares about more than just homecoming court. She cares about her friends, who she’s been drifting away from ever since they were all in a drunk driving accident at the end of their junior year. Paige’s image-obsessed mother sent Paige off to Paris to be an au-pair for the summer in the hopes that everything would blow over, but instead her friends ended up jealous of her trip and Paige feels excluded from them. Then, for her elective she takes creative writing with a cool new teacher  while the rest of her friends take film studies. At first she feels left out he turns out to really like creative writing, though, and ends up making some new friends in the class–even though she’s embarrassed that they’re not as “cool” as her other friends, she has fun with them and admires their talent as writers.

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